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Vocalist Pamela Rose wowed San Francisco, Bay Audiences for years with her Rhythm and Blues vocal performances. Then, with her small jazz combo, she recorded two stellar CD's and successfully toured Northern Europe. Now, Pamela Rose is introducing a fresh sound, with a new band, Pamela Rose and Her Blue Five.

Pamela Rose is an outstanding blues vocalist and songwriter. She has been performing along the West Coast and in Northern Europe for many years. Her rich, mellifluous vocals, electrifying stage presence and warm relationship with her audience have made her a local favorite with concert promoters and club owners.

Nominated twice for a Bay Area Music Award (Barnmie), she has long been recognized for her ability to reach audiences and pull them out of their seats. Spending the early part of her career as a blues bandleader, Pamela then became a featured vocalist with the well-known Motown revue Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra. In recent years, she recorded two jazz and swing records with pianist Nate Ginsberg. These records were received enthusiastically in Europe, and Rose was invited to headline a number of jazz festivals over there. Now, Pamela is returning to her blues roots, with her powerful new band, the Blue Five.


"Her extraordinary vocals and compelling stage presence set the night on fire... sultry and soulful, gutsy and emotional."

Pacifica Tnibune

"She sings with a confident soul drenched mellowness...downright sassy, with attitude to spare."

Jazz Now Magazine

"Pamela Rose is a woman who combines the powerful voice of a Janis Joplin with the stage dynamics of a Tina Turner."

Ben Fong-Torres, San Francisco Chronicle

"Pamela Rose has a sound as black and soulful as her hair is fiery red."

BAM Magazine

"Rose remains an impressive singer with lots of sexy, soulful swing."

Phil Elwood, SF Examiner

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