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Pamela RosePamela's first pro gig was an East Coast tour with organist, Merl Saunders, in 1977. This served as a launching pad for her work with two bands, The Eights and Wild Kingdom, from the late 1970's through the mid 1980's. It was during this period that Pamela met vocalist Glenn Walters. They began singing together and put together a unique, thematic 2-hour show, called 'When a man loves a woman.' The show received exceptional critical reviews and subsequently opened a bill with the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra, one of the top Bay Area Rhythm and Blues reviews.

The pairing with Zasu Pitts turn out to be serendipitous as the band was about to go through major personnel changes. Bandleader, Steve Ashman, asked Pamela and Glenn to join. They did.... and were part of the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra from 1987-91, including participation in the live album, "13 Souls Out of Control". It was during the period that Pamela met saxophone player, Jeff Ervin and keyboardist, Nate Ginsberg, both of whom would turn out to be future collaborators.

Following Zasu Pitts, Pamela and Glenn assembled Side Pocket, complementing their vocals with a 5-piece combo designed primarily for private parties.

Challenging herself and expanding her horizons, Pamela sought a more intimate sound, leading to her collaboration with Nate Ginsberg for two recordings and many public performances. The first, "Jazzy Side of Blue" (1993), was nominated for a BAMMIE Award as best jazz CD. The second, "Every Time I'm With You" had the distinction of being featured in the Sharper Image catalog.... the only vocal LP offered.

Pamela developed a following in Denmark touring with the Nate Ginsberg Trio (Maurice Cridlin and Scott Morris) in support of the recordings.

Now, Pamela launches the latest chapter of her musical career, Pamela Rose - Just For A Thrill

Just for a thrill

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